Helping Us Page

Helping us Page

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Welcome to our helping us page
We welcome support from volunteers, if you would be interested in supporting the work we do, please contact us to let us know.

Please contact us, if you wish to make a financial donations

Ever thought of being a Trustee of a charity?
If you have any particular skills and want to support the Travellers community to recieve fair treatment and support within York. We welcome to recieve interest from those who want to find out more about becoming a Trustee. 

York Travellers Trust encourages you to support us in our work

Have a comment?
Send us an Email We'd love to hear from you!

Thought of another way to help us?
If you have thought of another way to support the work of York Travellers Trust do let us know. We are willing to consider anything which would be of benefit to the Traveller Community in York.