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Other websites that may be of interest

Here is a list of some useful links. If you can think of a website you would like to be added to this list, please do send us an e-mail with the link and if at all possible a description. For a briefing from the BBC on Travellers and issues surronding them click on this link. <<>>

Commission for Racial Equality

The Commission for Racial Equality's website.

Appleby Horsefair

The annual Appleby horse fair, is a nearby gathering which Traveller from York regularly attend.

Romany index

Some general information about Romany culture and Language.

MSN Bespelled game

This game has been used by many people at the project for its fun aspects and for its educational value in promoting literacy, in a non-threatening way.

Travellers Law Research unit

This was an influential site that still has relevance as well as a good list of links.

Friends, Familes and Travellers

A good website for Travellers and their friends and families.

York City Council

The York City Council's website, please let us know how you find the experience of conatacting the council, if indeed you do.

Show and horse fairs in England

A good website to find out information about the various shows and horse fairs up and down the country.


Patrin  is dedicated to Romani (Gypsy) culture and history and to extending awareness of the continuous Roma struggle to achieve and maintain dignity and freedom. Patrin is a learning resource and information centre about Romani culture, social issues, and current events. To Roma the world over, we send the message: we will remember!

The Romany Traveller Family History society
The Romany & Traveller Family History Society, you'll find a group
of keen family historians with a special interest in their British
Gypsy and Traveller roots.
CRE Press Guidelines

If you are in the media please refer to this page for the CRE guidelines about reporting on Traveller issues, thank you.

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