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Working for better community relations

York Travellers Trust is a member of the Northern Network for Gypsyies and Travellers and their organisations in the North of England.We are also locally a member organisation of the York Race Equality Network (01904 642 600).

York Traveller and Agency Partnership Forum

It was originally planned to set up a Residents Association for each of the official Traveller sites in York. However it was decided by the Travelling Community not to do this but rather to have regular joint meetings. We hold meetings every couple of months which previously were called 'Steering Group Meetings' but are now called 'York Traveller and Agency Partnership Forum'. Travellers attend with representatives from the Police, City of York Council, Animal Health, Traveller Education Service, York Racial Equality Network, Personal Medical Serives, Connexions and other interested organisations. The meeting enable organisations to gett feedback in a safe enviroment for the Travellers attending, to have their say.

Five areas of identified concern

The location and extremly poor conditions of the three York sites are proving problemnatic; families have to live in an enviroment that is constantly infested with vermin because theyy are placed on industrial estates.

Overcrowding on all three sites is a major issue due to the lack of provision and official reluctance to build another site. The lack of adequate facilities on each site creates poor living conditions and is detrimental to Travellers' well being.

These unacceptable living conditions, combined with lack of access to health services and poor nutrition, contribute to the fact the Travellers tend to have worse health and shorter life expectancy than the general population. Other contributory factors and mutual anxiety and lack of knowledge between Travellers and service professionals. the project has started to rectify this imbalance, but there is still a long way to go.

Although Travellers have a desire to learn, their take up of secondary education is far below the norm and hardly any very few tend to access further and higher education. Many have difficulties with literacy and numeracy. This in turn leads to difficulties in obtaining employment and dependence upon welfare benefits, and this has the effect of further isolating Traveller communities.

In their everyday life, many Travellers constantly experience some form of direct or indirect discrimination, harassment and prejudice relating to their culture.

Attention on these areas

<<>> This BBC news article highlights the national problem of shortage of official sites for those from the Traveller commuities. Transient Travellers often do not have the choice of being legal sited, as there is such a shortage of site provision.



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