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York Travellers Trust - About us

Was set up to work with Travellers, in a support and advice capacity, empowering individuals and the community to make the most of their opportunities.

We believe that every individual should be treated with respect and dignity, and that people should have the opportunities, support and encouragement to exercise control over their own lives.

We work alongside all members of the Travellers community in a support and advice capacity, empowering individuals and the Traveller community to maximise their opportunities to take part in the life of their community and society.

Our staff team

Christine Shepherd, Trust Co-ordinator
Jo Dawson, Outreach Project Worker
Trillian Watson, Domestic Worker
Mike Beckett, Project Worker

Our statement of values

The Project's approach is to work in a non-judgmental and non-patronising manner, always treating clients with respect, dignity and empathy.

E-mail us

Please do contact us:

Contact details

You can visit us at York Travellers Trust, 20 Falsgrave Crescent, York, North Yorkshire YO30 7AZ or phone us on 01904 630526.

Registered Charity number: 1084620