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Introduction to York Travellers Trust

 We offer a wide range of services for Travellers in York, including:

Advocacy # Advice on drug/alcohol issues

Advice on health issues # Benefit advice

Careers advice # Childrens Fund Project

Computing and Internet access

Correspondence address # Employment issues 

Form filling # Guidance

Help with settling disputes # Housing advice

Informal education # Legal/criminal justice advice Letter writing # Literacy skills # Mediation service

Money/debt advice # Budgeting support

Training # Workshops

York Travellers Trust website

Please feel free to forward our web address to Travellers, organisations that support Travellers and other interested individuals, thank you!

Travellers in York

The City of York's largest ethnic minority group are Travellers, although they are under represented on official statistics. The City Council currently maintains three official sites for Travellers at James Street, Clifton and Osbaldwick. 

This Site includes

We have a page for each of the three official sites focusing on each sites specific issues. We have a page on issues surrounding the wider community including housed Travellers in York, transient Travelllers. Long waits for an official pitch in York to become available are a problem.

Quick contact information

To contact us phone, 01904 630526 or send us an e-mail request to

110766 Registered Charity number: 1084620